The Spider-Man: Far From Home after credits scene made everyone who played Marvel's Spider-man are pretty happy to see an ode to the game in the big budget movie. Before I talk about spoilers in case you have not seen the movie, beware there will be spoilers in this article.

For one, according to IGN - Insomniac Studios added new suits to the game based on Spider-Man: Far From Home. The story DLC may be finished but it is great to see that Insomniac continues to support the game with new content. Marvel’s Spider-man was easily my favorite Spider-man game to date, and I feel bad for those who did not get experience this game because of its exclusivity to the Playstation 4.

I expected that any new suits after the story DLC was finished would have been saved for the sequel but I am happy to have been proven wrong. I imagine we will not see any symbiote suits until the sequel though but hey Insomniac prove me wrong! It is always great to see a developer support their game well after its initial release, and beyond the release of its final DLC.


J.JONAH JAMESON played by the same actor who portrayed him in the original Raimi movies, J.K. Simmons. The silly “Alex Jones” style for The Daily Bugle was parodied stunningly well in the game, and it is great to see Marvel Cinematic canon embrace that take on the lovable mean character. Let’s be real, we rather have him play Jameson than Commissioner Gordon, but to be fair we did not get much of Simmons as Gordon in Justice League.

I did not expect that we would get a similar version of Jameson in the movieverse like that of the PS4 title, but With print media being overshadowed by digital media, it makes sense to make the jump for The Daily Bugle to the digital age. Don’t get me wrong, print media is wonderful but realistically most of us consume our news from television or online...well mostly online I would argue so it makes sense that the Jameson would not be in charge or newspaper publisher.

Anywho...many of us will be anxiously awaiting to see how the next movie in the series shapes up to be considering that Peter has been outed as Spider-Man. Having your identity revealed in front of the world would probably be similar to having everyone stare at you in your underwear.