Bernie Sanders Embraces Twitch

I will be honest with you about this one, I did not expect to ever say "Bernie Sanders is streaming on Twitch right now" but, alas here we are.

As of writing this post, Bernie Sander's Twitch channel has 67,446 followers and I expect this number to vastly increase in the coming months. A very intelligent strategy implemented by the Sanders campaign, Twitch is a great platform to reach a population of voters that otherwise may ignore political media and instead watch their favorite streams.

Giving them the option to watch political content, which may come in the form of debates, rallies or other events will definitely help strengthen online presence for Sanders. Let us not forget that there will be many who donate during these livestreams, helping out the campaign to reach its financial goals without having to donate through the traditional methods.

Politicians are more often than not seen as "out of touch" so it is nice to see a politician embrace a relatively new platform like Twitch. It will be interesting to see how many others follow this trend, but as of right now Twitch is most certainly feeling the Bern. It was sad to see that you could not watch the debate itself on the platform, but maybe that will change going forward.

In summary, get involved people, it does not matter who you pick but please get involved in any way you can. This is our country and these politicians are there to work for us, so lets pick the best candidates for those jobs!