I know what you are thinking..."Danny! Brah...How can you make such a prediction? You desperate for clicks?" To answer that question..yes but back to the topic - here ARE three REASONS why soNY WILL DOMINATE WITH THE Playstation 5. sPOILER HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH SPECS.


In the age of 4k...where we are even hearing how next gen consoles will support 8k and ray-tracing...it is important to remember specs don't define the quality of games. I mean have you heard about the Xbox One X? Was it the magical savior that Microsoft needed? NO, the Playstation 4 is approaching 100 million units with 90+ million consoles already sold as stated on Forbes.

Uncharted 4 was not great just because of the visuals but because of the story and depth in gameplay.

Likewise, the Playstation 2 was the weakest console of its generation, yet was the number one seller. This also applies to the Nintendo wii, which was as powerful as an overclocked Gamecube. Obviously there are factors such as the Playstation 2 having a DVD drive but still graphical power did not make or break the console war.

The quality of games, availability of said games, and price point are much more determining factors in who wins the console war.

2. The Good will of the consumer will carry forward

When Sony announced the Playstation 3, it was a cocky and dire mistake that would haunt the lifecycle of that console. Xbox 360 was cheaper, had better online, and more games. This was a giant mistake and Sony learned from it.

You should never get cocky with your brand and think that people will pay obnoxious amounts of money for a stand....er I mean console. Sadly a similar mistake was made by Microsoft in 2013 with the announcement of the Xbox One.

This lead to Playstation 4 gaining the good will of the gaming community and then translating that into giant sales. I highly doubt that we will see such a mess up with any future console generations...and as it stands Microsoft has an uphill battle. Sony would have to make a colossal mistake before the release of their next console to give Xbox that kind of leverage. Why do I think that Xbox has an uphill battle? That brings me to my next point.

3. Already part of an ecosystem

When it comes to any of your devices that you tend to upgrade, such as your phone, we tend to stay with the company or brand that we have invested in already. This could be due to nostalgia, purchases tied to that device or preference in how that device operates compared to others. The Console ecosystem is no different.

Yes, many did switch from xbox one to PS4 due to the bad press surrounding the xbox one but if there ends up being no giant negatives that withdraw support of the PS5 from the community, people will tend to stick with the network that has their friends, games, trophies, and saves.

From what we are hearing, it sounds like it will be an easy jump from the PS4 to the PS5. This will make it easier for early adopters to continue to play their PS4 games as well as enjoying a brand new generation of titles.

Anyways those are my thoughts....feel free to send feedback on why you disagree or agree but remember to keep it civil.