Is E3 Relevant Anymore?

If i had to score E3 2019, I would give it two thumbs sideways. It was just "meh" at best and did nothing to excite me like it has in past years.

Living in an era where companies such as Nintendo and Sony are announcing big name titles through online media, the hype train for the old "conventional" gamer even of the year was bound to go down at some point.

Long gone are the days of watching E3 on television hoping to see that next big announcement and then calling up your friends and being like "Brah, did you see that last teaser?!"Now it is more about what I can see online on a daily basis through the various news sites I follow.

Here is the low down: My biggest games of E3 2019 were games I already knew about. CyberPunk 2099, Final Fantasy VII, Halo: Infinite, were all games I expected to hear about yet those were probably some of the big takeaways from this year's conference. There was not that one moment that had me going "OH YEAH!!!". I have to admit though, the Final Fantasy VII gameplay demo had me pumped.

Speaking of Halo: real game play was shown and same goes for Gears 5 .....a game that is coming out in a few months.

Sony pulling out of this year's conference may have put a damper on things but it was the right move. The next Playstation is in development, and any existing announcements they can trickle out through there "State Of Play" streams.

It was great to see Keanu on stage though, and to hear news about existing IPs but besides my man Keanu on stage, I just was not that taken away with anything from this year's conference.