Why Am I Still Playing Overwatch?

It is 2018, and I am still playing Activision Blizzard's Overwatch. With such a high turnover of games these days, like the annual release of Call of Duty, you would expect many players to have moved on from Overwatch.

So what makes this game so special? Why do we keep coming back to it daily?

The answer is quite simple: new content on a regular basis, no season pass for said content, iconic characters with memorable lines, and tight gameplay.

How many times have you wanted to play a game with one of your friends, only to be saddened that one of you does not have the new maps or content or funds to secure such purchases?

It almost feels like you have been kicked out of the cool kid's club because you did not buy a season pass or some new map pack that added a "whole new experience." So it was a great move on Blizzard's part to have all its content for the game be free.

How many other multiplayer games have been released since Overwatch came out? We have had at least four new shooters from EA and are also about to receive our third iteration of Call of Duty that has been released after Overwatch.

Not only is it a great feeling to finally master different types of characters, with their own abilities, but they tend to linger in your minds even after you turn the game off.

I was passing by a random group, when I heard someone say "Well, it's high noon somewhere in the world" and obviously my mind instantly thought about McCree.

Now it is possible that they were not talking about Overwatch, but the fact that I made that connection is telling in the sticking power of these characters.

Can any of you recall lines of characters from other multiplayer games like that? Would you be able to tell me what one character says to another in Call of Duty? Probably not.

It would be nice to see other modes added to the game, but it still has not gotten stale for many of us. Thanks to having each character play in a different manner, it keeps things fresh.

Tired of playing the healer? why don't you try playing Sombra instead and sneak to the back of the enemy team? Or how about, maybe play as Wrecking Ball and attach yourself to a platform and swing around like a pendulum. The fact that there are so many combinations characters to try, and how they each affect the battlefield, it keeps the game interesting.

Oh an let us not forget the copycats that tried to replicate this game only to come and go while the original hero shooter's base keeps going strong.

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